Margaret Storey

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 Margaret's subject matter varies according to her moods, but her real love is birds and wildlife, her camera is a constant companion. 

Margaret  has always preferred to paint in the traditional way but occasionally  likes to step outside the box, just to see what is out there and have a bit of fun. She works mainly in acrylics but also uses watercolour, oils, and pastels.

Born in 1957, Margaret spent her growing years at Rosebud, in Victoria.  She  decided at a young age that she wanted to be an Artist and argued with her Maths teacher in form one, stating she would not be needing maths as she was going to be an artist.

She sold her first painting when at the age of eighteen,at  at the local Rotary Art show..

Margaret married at 20 and moved to Clayton,  three  children arrived fairly quickly after that so following her art career was not a priority. She did not let herself be idle as  she would get books from the library and study perspective and tone, anything she could get her hands on. There was no google or Youtube back then.

- 1981, joined the local art group as a student. 

- 1989,  upgraded from student to tutor with the same art group and in the same year she    was involved with the Oakleigh Railway Station Mural Project'.

- 1991,   became a member with Hughesdale Art Group and won first prize for her oil    painting, 'Tilba Tilba.'

- 1992 -  selected for exhibition with the Alice Bale Art Award.

- 1993 -  Joint exhibition, 'Different Strokes', with 4 other artists, held at Emerald, Qld.

            - Highly commended for her watercolour, 'Port of Echuca' with Chelsea Art show.

2014 - selected for exhibition with the Alice Bale Art Award with painting - Alyssa.

The next few years saw Margaret join the 'real world' and she spent her days in warehouse work picking and packing orders. The physical work and family needs meant giving up work, but it also meant more time for  painting. Her interest in family history shows in her art work during this time as many were taken from old family photos or historically based.

Margaret was approached to tutor again with the local art group, Clayton-Clarinda Arts, of which she is still with today.

In 2012,  Margaret wrote and illustrated a book on her family history, Echoes of a Blacksmith,  and in 2013 & 2014  she was approached to do ink drawings  for 'Lizard Skin Press' publications.


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